November 9th, 2023
Creating a fall bulb planting plan can help you organize your property and ensure a beautiful and colorful display of flowers in the spring. Below explains our process of creating a well-thought-out bulb plan:
1.     Assess Your Garden: With the help of CWLA, we will look at your space and consider factors such as sunlight, soil quality, and existing plantings. We will determine where you want to plant your fall bulbs.
2.     Choose Your Bulb Varieties: We will help you choose the best type of bulbs and consider factors like bloom time, color, height, and the compatibility of different bulb varieties. We will also help you choose bulbs that are best for cutting to enjoy inside if this is important to you. Common bulb choices include tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, and snowdrops.
3.     Create a Bulb Planting Plan: We will design a bulb planting plan that will mark the areas where you plan to plant your bulbs. We will consider the arrangement and spacing to create an aesthetically pleasing design.  We will also consider the following factors when completing your plan:
a.     Sunlight Requirements and expected height.
b.     Planting depths and spacing for each variety of bulbs. Amount of foliage will also determine spacing requirements. For example, smaller varieties of daffodils will have less foliage and can be spaced closer together.
c.     Number of bulbs needed for each variety and each planting location. We recommend planting bulbs in groups or clusters for a more natural look.
4.     Purchase Bulbs: We will assist in purchasing bulbs from reputable suppliers. We always make sure the bulbs are firm and healthy before planting.
5.     Prepare the Soil: We will provide a list of landscape contractors that could assist you in preparing your soil and planting your bulbs. It is recommended to loosen the soil to a planting depth of 4-8 inches (depending on bulb type) and amend soil with compost or bulb fertilizer to provide adequate drainage and oxygen for the bulbs.   
6.     Placing & Planting of Bulbs: Our team will come out and place your bulbs and ensure correct spacing before they are planted. We suggest applying a layer of mulch over the planted areas to help conserve moisture and regulate soil temperature. 
By creating a fall bulb planting plan, you can design a well-organized and visually appealing landscape that will reward you with vibrant spring blooms!