About Us


Clement Walsh Landscape Architect, Inc. is located in Tualatin, Oregon and provides the following services: Consultation, site planning, design, project management, preparation of landscape, planting, and irrigation plans, written specifications, and construction observation. Our team consists of a Professional Landscape Architect, two Landscape Designers and a Business Manager. 

Our proficiencies include:

  • Development of master plans for urban spaces and communal spaces.
  • Working with a multi-disciplinary team on site design projects.
  • Conducting public outreach processes.
  • Preparation of design and construction documents for landscape architecture projects such as master plans, hardscape layouts, planting, landscape lighting and irrigation plans.
  • Construction observation.

Approach to Sustainability:

Being an environmentally conscious landscape architectural firm, we promote sustainable development, green infrastructure, sustainable urban development, the application of ecological design, the improvement of water management, the increase of energy efficiency and the use of low impact materials.

Clement Walsh Landscape Architect, Inc. utilizes top of the line and up-to-date software and equipment for all our graphic, plant schedules, construction details and specifications. Our current software capabilities include AutoCAD 2024, Land F/X (an add-on to AutoCAD for Site Design, Planting, and Irrigation), Microsoft 365 for Business, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Dropbox, QuickBooks and DocuSign. Through these platforms we create detailed reports and plans for our clients. Our firm places emphasis on providing cost effective designs for our clients. Our design work considers allocated budgets, cost of material, life span of materials, sustainability, environmental benefits, xeriscape landscapes, conservation, stormwater management and long-term maintenance. 



Meet the Team



                                                             Clement Walsh                                                          Erika Kleibrink
                                                                Owner, PLA                                                     Senior Landscape Designer


                                                       Danielle Street                                                                 Whitney Harvick
                                                   Landscape Designer                                                          Business Manager