A leaky garage roof and a desire for a raised garden bed sparked the reimagining of this garden located in the Queen Ann neighborhood of Seattle. The scope of work initially started with simply locating a raised vegetable planter. Once it was determined the roof over the garage would be the ideal spot for it, the scope of work expanded to re-design the whole green roof. This opportunity to reimagine the garage roof and incorporate it into the back garden was the most challenging piece of the redesign, and the resulting rooftop garden now provides the owners with the raised bed and small bluestone patio they desired, surrounded by a pollinator-friendly formal English garden. As the design process progressed, additional elements were added, with an expansion of the narrow brick path running along the eastern side yard for easier access, redesign of the front yard for better connectivity, and a reshaping of the back yard lawn. In the end, virtually every area of the property was redesigned to ensure this Tudor-style home’s intimate garden spaces are celebrated in both sunny and shady parts of the property. Every element stayed true to the architectural integrity of the home, while considering the existing planting’s health and micro-climates, to create a harmonious, eco-friendly landscape. Throughout, every aspect of the design pays homage to the historic detailing of the home, from the gate to the pots to the plant palette. The small space is renewed, and its challenges transformed into a lush, useful, and private space that the owners can enjoy.