Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer?

A Landscape Architect will have greater technical knowledge and experience in plant and structural design, while a Landscape Designer will focus more on aesthetics, plant selection and layout design. A Landscape Architect requires more education and licensing. They often undergo intense training in design principles, site planning, ecology, horticulture, and construction. 

The scope of work for landscape architects and designers varies as well. Landscape architects are licensed professionals who can engage in a broad range of projects including large-scale planning, urban design, public spaces, parks, city planning, and other work that involves complex engineering and environmental concerns. Landscape designers often focus on smaller-scale projects such as residential gardens, outdoor living spaces and smaller construction projects. 

2. What can I expect throughout your design process?

Our project approach involves meeting with our clients and having a detailed conversation regarding scope of work, schedules, client expectations/deliverables and ongoing progress updates of the varying design phases such as (1) Schematic Design (2) Design Development (3) Construction Documentation and (4) Construction Administration and Observation. Please visit our Services Page to learn more.

3. Can you supply all sub-contractors after the design is complete?

We have a thorough list of trusted contractors that we can provide to you after our design. We always recommend getting multiple bids to ensure you are getting a fair price and are happy with their proposal.

4. On average, how long does it take to have plans designed for my home?

Timing depends entirely on scope of work, but on average it takes a couple months to deliver plans to our clients.

5. I want my yard to be eco-friendly/green landscape. Is this something you can provide?

Yes, we are an environmentally conscious landscape architectural firm that routinely integrates sustainable practices into our designs. We promote sustainable development, green infrastructure, sustainable urban development, the application of ecological design, the improvement of water management, the increase of energy efficiency and the use of low impact materials.

6. Can you provide after are advice once the project is complete?

Yes, we are happy to assist you in after care advice or any follow up plans needed once your project is complete.

7. What areas do you service?

Clement Walsh is licensed in the states of Oregon and Washington.

8. Do you design both residential and commercial landscapes?

Yes! We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial spaces. Visit our portfolio page to see a selection of our work in both categories.